Dance on My Grave, You Sexy Freak (backing track)

from by C. Scott Davis



Every week's theme is accompanied by 3 fake titles (as examples). One of the fake titles for this week caught my eye and I decided to write my own original song with that title.

The theme was "Danceathon!" (remove the audio from a video of people dancing and write a new song for it).

This is a backing track (with no vocals or melody line), in case someone more talented would like to record a version.



Everyone else is silently grieving
but you hang around when the others are leaving
and what you do next I have trouble believing
You dance on my grave, you sexy freak!

Slowly at first but then you go faster
pausing at times as you break out in laughter
I can't help but wonder what you plan to do after
you dance on my grave, you sexy freak!

I can't confess to know what would possess you
Maybe this craziness is more than happenstance
Is it just sadness or some kind of madness?
Perchance do you dance out of anger or happiness?

I wanted you here - That's why you were invited
but I didn't expect you to get so excited
I'm pretty sure no one knew you had decided
to dance on my grave, you sexy freak!
Dance on my grave, you sexy freak!


from Dance on My Grave, You Sexy Freak - Single, released November 22, 2014
Words and Music by C. Scott Davis.
Title suggested by Matt Brown.
Inspired by a video by Kayla Dailyn.



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